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* Directly absorbed and utilized by the body in 30 second

* Prevention and alleviation of various chronic disorders

* Storage of up to one month without contamination and going bad

* 3 nm and below hexagonal crystal structure and water quality remain unchanged after boiling

* Good quality water that conforms to congenital water standards

High Oxygenated System

CellsAngel High Oxygenated System combines the oxygen from the air into the water molecules that are less than 2nm when re-constructing the small molecules. This results in water with oxygen content up to 9.5mg/L. Even the water is set aside for a while, the oxygen content remains above 7mg/L, and only the oxygen between water molecules are released. The water molecules with higher oxygen content will have higher frequency. Those water molecules with higher frequency or smaller molecular size facilitates the oxygen exchange process at alveoli, therefore increases the dissolved oxygen content in body fluid!

The water molecules of ARUSMAS CellsAngel High Oxygenated System is smaller than 2nm, and have the same frequency with the cell frequency, therefore it is easier to replenish the intracellular fluid with water and oxygen. With sufficient water and oxygen, the anabolism is carried out smoothly, and chronic diseases caused by metabolic disorders are eliminated. Besides, it allows the tricarboxylic acid cycle to produce sufficient hydrogen ions to reduce the oxidized nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH), and maintains redox balance in the cell. The nucleotides are no longer oxidized excessively by the cell, the metabolic rate of oxidized acidic substances (cell metabolites) returns to normal, and the acidic body fluid is gradually returned to its slightly alkaline level (pH7.4). At last, all chronic diseases caused by acidosis are treated and eliminated.

After the water molecules are refined by CellsAngel Purifier to water molecules smaller than 3nm, the CellsAngel High Oxygenated System further refines the molecules to molecules smaller than 2nm. This higher quality water molecule combines with 5mg/L oxygen to increase oxygen content to 9.5mg/L. The CellsAngel High Oxygenated System is the upgraded version of CellsAngel Water Purifier, therefore it shall not be connected to other brand of water purifier. The reason is that the water produced by other brand of water purifier does not meet the requirements of human body fluids. It is needed to be clarified that, if other brand of water purifier is connected to the CellsAngel High Oxygenated System, the water is refined and oxygenated to molecular size smaller than 2nm, and the water that does not meet the requirement of body fluid will be delivered to intracellular fluid before it can be converted